Photo Journals

Many organisations recognise the achievements of employees and other stakeholders, by arranging incentive reward days or sometimes, several days.

Some believe that an employee with a decent camera can provide a good record of the occasion – and sometimes they’re right! Others know that a professional photographer with an instinct for what makes a good photo is well worth the investment.

One of our best clients in the last couple of years is Kleeneze, the network marketing company who will soon be celebrating 100 years in business. We’ve worked a lot with them, at their UK Showcase events and their incentive reward trips. Creating photo journals for them has taken us on trips to Paris, Madrid, Goa and Mumbai in the last 2 years. Our photos have been used to promote the business to potential new distributors and that number has grown from 8,000 to 13,000 over the last 2 years.

The week long overseas events are great, of course, but a local 1 day experience can provide an opportunity for promoting your business, as well as giving the beneficiaries of the day a fabulous professional record, which Seven Star will be more than happy to supply.

Photos without people in them!

Over the years, we’ve become known for photographing people in many different situations and at events. However, that’s not the complete story, as you’ll see below.

Bournville Catering Equipment


Major suppliers of commercial kitchens with an impressive client list.We were recommended to them by the MD’s daughter, who we’d worked for previously at an event. They wanted photos of 2 recent installations for marketing and PR purposes – one at a Michelin starred restaurant and the other at a Premiership football club’s training ground.

Aztec Audio Visual.


A major player in the supply of AV equipment at major trade shows and exhibitions. They’ve used us several times, taking photos of their equipment in use at shows like Grand Designs.

Alno UK


Alno are the parent company of many businesses in the domestic kitchen industry – In Toto probably being the best known. Having taken photos of In Toto installations in peoples homes and at Grand Designs, Alno approached us to supply images for use in their brochure.

So, if you thought Seven Star was all about people, think again!

Chung Ying Group

We were delighted when the award winning restaurant chain asked us to provide photos of their new menu items for social media, PR , and their in restaurant displays.

Parties – Family and Corporate

Increasingly, we’re finding that people appreciate being able to relax and enjoy themselves and let someone professionally qualified create a record of the occasion.
There’s no size criteria for this, either. In the last few weeks, we’ve covered a party for a 6 year old with 15 children and also a huge ball at the ICC with 1400 people there!
And speaking of the ICC, in December we’ll be covering all the Christmas and New Years Eve parties for the 5th year running. Parties with between 1000 and 1250 guests per night.
In December, we’re also covering a large professional firm’s staff party – again, for the 5th year running – and a trade federation’s annual ball for 500 guests.
Event managers – external and internal to a company – often say that it’s such a relief to be able to hand over the photography to us and know that it will all be just as they wish and that the partygoers will have a fabulous record of the occasion. And the company gets great photos for PR, staff and client newsletters etc.
So if you understand the difference between cost and value and are planning a party, call Seven Star and relax.

Themed Events

If you’re organising an event and want the photos to fit in with a particular angle, Seven Star should be on your list of people to call.

We have connections with lots of businesses who can creare sets, provide props – or maybe you’d like a greenscreen studio, so the background can be changed for each shot, while maintaining the overall theme.

Rolls Royce were a recent client, for their long service awards presentations. They wanted their guests and families to be able to have informal photos but with an aerospace theme. Half a dozen different backgrounds were available, along with flying gear and props. Result? Lots of laughs and a memorable record of a memorable occasion.

We did something similar for a lady celebrating a landmark birthday as well.

Take advantage of our skill and connections to make your event memorable

Admin free school photos

If you work in a school and have ever thought that the annual photos are a bit of a pain, talk to us. Proofs on the day, no cash or orders to handle, no photos to hand out, a free cd of images for the school information system (compatible with SIMS, Cmis etc) and a competitive commission rate.