Privacy Policy

Here at Seven Star Photography, we take your privacy seriously. This statement sets out what we hold, how we acquire it, how we use it, what measures we take to protect it and how you can have anything changed or deleted.

If you wish to contact us, to discuss anything privacy related, the responsible person is Steve Evans, the owner of the business.

  1. You can write to him at 71 Seven Star Road, Solihull, B91 2BZ.
  2. You can email him –
  3. You can call him – 0121 704 0564 – between the hours of 9.00am and 10.00pm, 7 days a week.
  1. Every photo we’ve ever taken is held on one or more storage devices, so that if someone wants a copy of any photo, whenever it was taken, we can supply it. Storage devices are cd/dvd, laptop and external hard drives. All are kept in secure locked locations.
  2. Occasionally, we’ll take photos of large crowds at public events – in that situation, individual consent isn’t feasible. In 99% of cases, those photographed are fully aware and have given permission to be photographed.
  3. On our website, photos can be seen without restriction on the Homepage and on the Portfolio pages. No photographs are placed in these areas without specific and informed consent.
  4. At many of the events we cover, the photos taken are put on a gallery on the website, for viewing and purchase. Every event has it’s own dedicated gallery and a unique password is required to gain access to the gallery. Guests are made aware of our presence and how the photos can be viewed.
  5. Guests visting a gallery have the option of creating an account to store photos for later viewing. They can choose to enter an email address or not. The email address is visible to us. We may use it to follow up for a short period – 1 month at most. The list is purged regularly. Email adresses disclosed in this way are never used for marketing any other service.
  6. A small selection of photos are used from some assignments on our social media platforms. This potential use is brought to peoples attention at the time of the event/assignment.
  7. Clients can place orders in a a number of ways. Orders placed by post or online will have information to allow the order to be fulfilled. Orders placed by phone may additionally have card payment information. Card processing is securely encrypted and the initially recorded information is shredded as soon as the payment is processed. All other information is stored in secure locked locations.
  8. We use a company called Order My Photos, based in the UK, to fulfil orders for school photos. For events other than schools, orders are placed through an online hosting service called Zenfolio. They are the largest provider of these services in the UK and are based in the USA. We have satisfied ourselves that their security arrangements are compliant with good practice and legislation, current and impending.
  9. Clients placing orders and booking us for events will supply adresses, phone numbers and email addresses. These are stored on laptops, external hard drives and in handwritten documents. Security arrangements are the same as for photos – see point 1 above.