Commercial Photos

It’s fair to say that if I can be said to specialise in anything, it’s photos of people. But that can come in all sorts of situations and for many different purposes.
Here are a few of the bookings I’ve completed recently – including one where there were no faces!

Housebuilder Products Awards

London based national magazine held this event at Edgbaston Stadium and a recommendation by a mutual client brought them to me to cover the event.

Krean Property Maintenance.

A rapidly growing company based in the Midlands but operating very succesfully in London as well. They wanted before and after photos for their website, marketing materials and PR. 2 assignments completed and more to come.

Arden Photonics

This was the “no faces” engagement. A local company who make equipment for testing lasers needed photos of some new products. Having read descriptions of the products, it might as well have been written in Swahili for all the sense it made to me! However, that didn’t prevent me from producing a portfolio of images that they were delighted with.

My Solihull, Knowle & Dorridge

A well established magazine in 4 areas of Birmingham launched in Solihull and I was engaged as the “house photographer” for the editorial section. Amongst the assignments undertaken so far are an animal rescue centre (lots of animal photos, as well as the owner), unsung heroes, local celebrities (Jasper Carrott is in the next edition), and landmarks for a “where is this?” section.

Food & Freezer Stores

    Two store openings – in Dudley and Droitwich. As well as taking the photos, I inadvertently became a PR spokesperson at both events, when they were a bit late opening and I was taking photops of the queue outside.